Winter Safety Tips For Seniors

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It’s getting cold out there and, while for some of us the snow creates a winter wonderland, for others – like the elderly – the winter weather can become dangerous. Here are some tips from your elder law attorney in New Jersey on senior safety this season.

  1. Wear good footwear: Slip and fall injuries are common this time of year, and the elderly are especially at risk. Reflexes slow with age and, combined with frailness, the elderly are especially vulnerable to broken bones and medical complications. Try to avoid going out until the roads have been cleared, wear shoes with non-skid soles, and replace worn walker/walking cane tips. It’s also important to take the shoes off as soon as you get inside, as melted snow off the soles can increase slipping risks.
  2. Prepare for power outages: Storms can knock out power, leaving seniors – who are especially vulnerable to the cold – without adequate heating. Stock up on warm blankets, firewood for fireplaces/stoves, and keep batteries for flashlights handy. Another good idea is to keep a stock of non-perishable food items that can be prepared without electricity.
  3. Check your carbon monoxide sensors: Carbon monoxide is an odorless gas given off from heating equipment (including furnaces) if they are not operating properly/fully burning their fuel. It is very dangerous and breathing it in can lead to illness and even death. Sensors should be installed in the home and checked annually to ensure that the alarms are working.
  4. Emergency driving kit: For seniors who are still driving, it’s best to avoid going out on the road in poor conditions. However, even in good winter conditions disaster can strike – even if it’s just a flat tire. An emergency safety kit like the AAA Severe Weather Travel Kit is essential and should be kept in the car at all times.
  5. Be aware of isolation: In the wintertime, many elderly people find it’s easy to become isolated from friends and family, and depression is a real concern. If you have elderly family members or neighbors, try check in on them as often as you can either by phone or in person.

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