Why your digital assets should be included in your estate plan

We’re constantly hearing that we live in a digital age where our businesses and much of our lives is taking place online – yet how many of us have thought about how this impacts our estate planning?

  • Important documents: For many of us, going paperless with our important documents is as much about security and accessibility as it is about being environmentally friendly. But in the event of our passing, this can make essential information impossible to locate and access. Including information such as accounts and passwords in our estate plans (and keeping them regularly updated) will keep this information secure until such time that it needs to be accessed by trusted individuals.
  • Social media: Many of us have multiple social media accounts, whether for business or keeping in touch with friends and family. After our passing, these accounts are generally managed by a friend or family member and kept as a memorial or shut down. With the help of your attorney, you can dictate what you would like done with your social media accounts as well as provide essential access details.
  • Media and memories: Similarly, access to your computer and personal files should be specified and included in your estate plan. This isn’t just limited to important personal documents, but also photographs, video and other media that those close to you would consider treasured memories.
  • Revenue generating assets: Just like your home or vehicle, digital assets can have significant financial value. Examples of these assets can include a blog that brings in advertising revenue, mobile apps which you’ve developed or revenue-generating channels on YouTube that you create. These assets should be listed along with any access details so that they can be distributed according to your specifications.

Estate planning today means peace of mind tomorrow

Developing your estate plan is more about caring for your loved ones and organizations close to your heart than confronting your passing. With a current estate plan in the hands of a leading law firm, you can rest assured that your health, assets and loved ones will be taken care of the way you would like.

We can assist you with all aspects of your estate plan, from drawing up your Last Will and Testament to Living Trusts, medical directives and Power of Attorney documents. For more information on setting up or changing an estate plan, please contact us at the law firm of Sedita, Campisano & Campisano, LLC in New Jersey today.

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