Why Should You Hire An Elder Lawyer?

Why Should You Hire An Elder Lawyer

Do you know all the areas in which working with an elder lawyer can benefit you? Elder law attorneys help their clients with a variety of issues ranging from Medicare applications to long-term care plans to creating a will, and hiring one can help you navigate many of life’s unexpected events. Here are just a few reasons why you should hire a NJ elder lawyer now to help you in the future.

You Require Assistance With Medicaid or Medicare

Medicaid and Medicare applications are notoriously complex to fill out. The worst part is if you submit an erroneous application, you have to start all over again from the beginning. An attorney can help you gather the necessary documentation, provide the required information, and ensure you meet all deadlines to give your application the best chance to succeed. The sooner you get Medicaid or Medicare coverage, the better. 

You Need To Manage Your Estate

Estate planning is one area of specialty for elder lawyers. Despite popular belief, you don’t need to be a senior citizen to get started with managing your estate. It’s recommended that people of all ages work with an estate planning attorney to create a will, and you’ll need to manage your will as the years go by. This includes updating it when you acquire a new property, inherit money or other assets, get married, get divorced, or have children. 

Long-Term Care Decisions Have To Be Made

No one wants to think about going into long-term care, but for many of us it very well may be our reality. Whether you want to move in with family or move into a senior living community, you’ll need to make certain financial, legal, and medical decisions to ensure you have the smoothest transition possible. An elder lawyer can walk through all of the possible scenarios with you and help you decide what’s the best route. 

Power Of Attorney

Power of Attorney is a legal document that gives someone else the legal power to act on your behalf when you’re no longer able to, whether it’s for financial decisions, medical decisions, or other decisions. You’ll need to designate the person you want to act on your behalf, and your elder attorney will ensure that the right person is given primary legal responsibility.

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