Why Hire a Certified Elder Law Attorney for Medicaid Applications?


People often hesitate to hire an elder law attorney to assist them with their Medicaid Application. For some, they think an attorney will be too expensive, and for others, they think the application process is straightforward and doesn’t require legal help. But Medicaid Applications are notoriously complex and they can be very time consuming, often taking months, and there’s no guarantee that your application will be approved. Whether the application is for yourself or a loved one, you obviously want to get the best care possible for them, which is why we recommend hiring an elder law attorney to help with the process. 

How an elder law attorney can help:

  • There’s no conflict of interest. Sometimes nursing homes and other care facilities will refer families to non-lawyers to help with Medicaid applications. While these people may be helpful, unfortunately they aren’t always impartial due to their existing relationship with the facility who referred them. Attorneys are neutral and can act in your best interest.
  • Elder law attorneys can save you money. As mentioned earlier, the Medicaid application process often takes months with no guarantee you’ll be approved. While you’re waiting for the results of your application, you may be racking up thousands of dollars in medical bills, nursing home bills, and other related costs.
  • They can identify any potential red flags that could hinder or jeopardize your application. An attorney will review your entire application and make sure everything, including your financial documentation, is correct before submission.
  • They can help you plan your finances while your application is pending. You may need to create a budget if you’re paying out of pocket for certain expenses, and elder law attorneys have decades of experience helping people in similar situations as you.

With an elder law attorney, you’re not alone

Applying for Medicaid is daunting. Eligibility rules can be confusing, producing the required paperwork can be stressful, and understanding the application itself can be overwhelming. Worse, your application can be denied due to a tiny error, meaning you have to go through the entire process again later. Due to budget cuts, many county Medicaid offices have huge backlogs of applications and you need a plan in place to get you through the waiting period. An elder law attorney can help you with the process from beginning to end, including what to do if your application is rejected.

For more information about Medicaid assistance and Medicaid planning in New Jersey, or if you have any questions, please contact SCC Legal today. Discover why so many people have chosen us as their trusted elder law attorneys. We look forward to hearing from you.

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