When Is It Time to Hire an Elder Law Attorney?

Elder Law Attorney

Elder law attorneys handle a wide range of issues, and despite common misconceptions, you don’t only need to hire an elder law attorney when a loved one is near the end of their life. Attorneys for seniors help with many different aspects of growing older and aging. Having an experienced elder care lawyer on your side can make things much easier for you and your family. Here are some strong indicators that it may be time to hire an elder lawyer: 

You Need Help with Medicaid or Medicare

Medicaid and Medicare applications are notoriously difficult. You must meet specific criteria, provide certain documentation, and any mistakes with your application means you have to start over from the beginning. Starting from scratch can cause severe delays to you being accepted and gaining coverage. 

Elder lawyers are well-versed in Medicaid and Medicare applications, and they can help you or your loved one complete the application, gather the necessary documentation, and ensure they meet all eligibility criteria before submitting the application. 

You Need To Make Estate Planning Decisions

We recommend that people of all ages create an estate plan, but it’s especially important for older adults. Elder law attorneys can assist you with drawing up your living will, trusts, and powers of attorney. These documents are essential and give your family explicit instructions on what to do with your assets when you’re no longer here. 

Estate plans are important for everyone, particularly if you have complex finances, a blended family, or numerous assets. Don’t let the court decide what happens to your assets when you’re gone, work with an attorney to create an estate plan today. 

It’s Time To Make Long-Term Care Decisions

Many of us will need some type of long-term care at a certain stage in our life. Whether it’s an in-home health aide, an assisted living community, or another type of elder care, it’s important to think about what you want to happen if a time comes when you’re no longer able to make your own healthcare decisions. You need to appoint someone to be your healthcare proxy, and decide who you want making your medical and financial decisions if there comes a point when you can’t. 

If you’d like more information about when to hire an elder law attorney, please contact our team at SCC Legal or visit our website at: https://www.scclegal.com/

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