These are the Top Concerns People have About Retirement


For many Americans entering retirement, their focus is more on maintaining their current living needs rather than being able to leave a substantial inheritance to their dependents. Retirement should be a relaxing period in which to enjoy your Golden Years, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t come without its own set of challenges. Here are the leading concerns for people currently considering or entering retirement, from a leading estate planning attorney in NJ.

  • Debt: Americans of every age are increasingly in debt, with total debt hitting a new high of $13 trillion in 2017. For people entering retirement, this is of special concern because their period of earning income is limited. According to the National Council on Aging (NCOA), 60% of households in 2016 headed by an adult of retirement age (65) are carrying debt, with an average of $31,300.
  • Maintaining a stream of income: For many retired or retirement-age Americans, a leading concern is how to keep money flowing into the household – primary in order to meet day-to-day expenses. Simply put, they are concerned that Social Security income will be enough – or that these benefits will even continue to exist.
  • Medical expenses: Medical costs in the USA are high, and it’s no surprise that according to an analysis by Fidelity in 2017, a healthy 65-year old couple can expect to need $275,000 to cover their healthcare retirement costs. Expenses like this can easily throw even a conscientious retirement plan into chaos.
  • Saving enough: Another big concern for retired or retirement age Americans is that they simply haven’t saved enough. People are living longer than ever before, with around 25% of today’s 65-year-olds predicted to live to 90, and Americans are worried that they will outlive their savings.

With any of these concerns, there are solutions available. With the right legal asset protection through estate planning, Medicaid planning, and financial planning, retirement plans can be put on track to deliver the peace of mind you deserve in your retirement in order to continue aging gracefully.

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