Solving Medicaid and health benefits disputes with the help of an elder law attorney

Elder law attorneys in New Jersey help people with any legal difficulty they may experience as they age. One of the common problems our aging population faces is in getting full benefits from aid programs that are available. After all, the purpose of your Medicaid is to enable you to take care of your health as you age, to cope with existing medical conditions and gain access to the medical professionals and medications you need. Sometimes this becomes hard to sort through especially as one becomes older and in this regard an elder law attorney can provide some assistance that saves money and increases your covered benefits and handles disputes with care providers and Medicaid authorities.

Maximizing your medical coverage

Distinguishing between medical bills and the Explanation of Benefits form (EOB) from your Medicaid can be confusing, but understanding the paperwork and benefits your Medicaid offers is the first step in maximizing your coverage. The medical bill is sent by your medical provider and the EOB (which is sent by your Medicaid or insurance company) explains what you need to pay. These forms are usually sent if the amount your medical provider exceeds the benefits offered in your Medicaid. A good tip is to ask a medical provider or contractor if their rates are the same as the benefits offered in your plan before you book a consultation or ask your Medicaid company to provide you with a list of medical contractors who offer consulting fees that will be covered by your plan.

It is also important to analyze the bills you receive instead of paying in full immediately. Unfortunately, these bills often contain inaccuracies and overcharges, so ask an elder law attorney to review your case and your bills for you. If you don’t have Medicaid, it’s in your best interest to negotiate with the medical provider. Many doctors and medical consultants offer a discounted rate for the elderly and will either be open to a discounted rate or an interest-free payment plan.

Another way to maximize your Medicaid is to make sure you are benefiting from “visitors rights”. If you book a consultation with a doctor (such as eye exams, doctors’ visits and dental visits), the cost you pay out of pocket for the visit is deductible.

Medicaid disputes

The most financial disputes regarding Medicaid and elderly care revolve around discrepancies between treatments received and those billed for. If your Medicaid is refusing to pay for your treatments and medication, speak to an elder law attorney today. Hiring an elderly law attorney is a worthwhile strategy as they can explain all the benefits your Medicaid covers and follow up when the medical treatments you are billed for aren’t covered by your health insurance. 

At SCC Legal, caring for the elderly and their families is a sacred trust and one which we take very seriously. We know your Medicaid and health care situation and needs are unique and we are here to make sure you get the care and benefits you deserve.

If you would like us to review your medical costs and deterimine whether you are deriving maximum benefit from aid and assistance programs like Medicaid, call Frank Campisano NJ Elder Law attorney today.

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