Residential Real Estate Lawyers for Home Closings, and Disputes

For most folks, buying a home is the largest single transaction they will make in their lifetimes.

NJ Real Estate Closing AttorneyIt is important that perspective buyers and sellers do not underestimate the complexity of the closing process and understand that the work that goes on in a successful closing can make the difference in not only your out of pocket expenses, but in whether the transaction is successful at all.  For many attorney’s real estate is a volume game and the time actually spent reviewing your contract is simply ineffective at getting you the best part of a negotiation.

At Sedita, Campisano & Campisano, Joe Campisano has been handling commercial and residential real estate matters in New Jersey for over 25 years.  His skill and dedication to this area of law are second to none, and he and the staff at SCC legal make these promises when handling your transactions.

  1. We don’t miss deadlines.  You’ve all heard the horror stories of attorney’s who collect their fees and then go AWOL during attorney review, in some cases being entirely responsible for the purchase or sale of your home falling through. Our promise is that we get back to you within one business day or sooner any time you need us and we don’t miss important deadlines…period!
  2. Experienced Real Estate Attorney’s review your documents carefully and completely.  Joe Campisano will personally review your contracts and all legal documents. We don’t delegate your most important purchase entirely out to paralegals then swoop in at the end like many high volume law firms.  At SCC legal your contracts are personally reviewed by an experienced attorney from start to finish and we work to insure that all your individual needs and concerns are addressed properly, and promptly.

All home closings are not created equal. An experienced residential real estate attorney makes the process seem smooth, and when it isn’t, he is tenacious to get it back on track and protect your interests.

Whether you are a buyer or seller, contact Joe Campisano and the team at SCC Legal for all your residential real estate transactions and closings.  We get the job done.

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