Real Estate Property Disputes: Legal Protection for You

Property disputes are time-consuming, frustrating, and often unexpected. You get a phone call from a real estate lawyer stating your business property wall crosses the boundary line, or you purchase a house and receive a property lien notice despite the seller’s reassurance that the title is clean. It’s safe to say, real estate disputes can be complicated. You need a property disputes lawyer in New Jersey to protect your rights and represent you fairly. We discuss common types of property disputes in this article and how SCC Legal can help.

Understanding Property Law Disputes in NJ   

Property law disputes involve commercial or residential real estate issues which often cause disagreements. Commercial real estate owners and tenants disagree about maintenance responsibilities due to vague lease agreements, or there are conflicting accounts of the agreed interest rates on a commercial loan. Someone buys a new construction home, but it is not handed over within the agreed timeline. What can you do to protect yourself or your business? Gather all the documentation and relevant information you have on the matter and choose an experienced lawyer to help you solve the property dispute.

Common Types of Disputes over Property  

Common types of disputes over property in NJ involve boundaries, titles, breach of contract, and hazardous substances. New Jersey has one of the highest number of Superfund sites in the country, and property owners are concerned about being held liable for cleaning up sites contaminated by previous owners. There could be a breach of contract when the property seller did not declare all liabilities on a commercial property. Real estate title issues might cause conflict between family members when there is a cloud on the parental property title. Boundary disputes arising from disagreements about property lines could require land surveys and engagement with state or local governments.

Legal Procedures with a NJ Property Dispute Attorney 

The first step to solving real estate disagreements is to meet with a property dispute attorney who will ensure you are legally protected. Disputes can go to trial, and one should be prepared for litigation, but it is preferable for everyone involved to try and settle the matter through negotiation. Let your lawyer manage all communication and correspondence with the opposing real estate attorney until the issue is resolved and a formal settlement is reached. The best attorney for your dispute will have in-depth knowledge of local regulations and NJ’s state laws, including leases and agreements, adverse possession, and homestead laws. 

Finding the Right Lawyer for a Real Estate Dispute 

When you need a lawyer for a real estate dispute in NJ, look no further than SCC Legal. Our real estate closing services are comprehensive, and we have represented a wide range of clients, whether they were involved in complex commercial real estate financing deals or first-time home buyers. Our property law experts will do everything in their power to resolve the dispute through negotiations. Either way, we have the experience and expertise to manage litigation resulting from the disagreement if negotiations are unsuccessful. 

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