Why You Need A Healthcare Advocate

Preparing for a doctor’s visit can become daunting when you’re possibly facing serious health concerns. While writing down questions ahead of your visit, revisiting your medical insurance information and completing paperwork ahead of time is important, there is one more thing for you to consider – having a healthcare advocate with you. Here is a brief guide from a leading elder law attorney in New Jersey.

What is a healthcare advocate? 

A healthcare advocate can be a friend, family member or anyone you trust – even your caregiver. Their role is to come with you to any medical appointments and ask questions and take down information about your care needs.

Why are healthcare advocates important? 

As we grow older, we’re more likely to face serious health concerns, and more likely to require assistance in understanding our options, dealing with illness and even making healthcare decisions. Your healthcare advocate is there to offer strength and support, to give your situation a clear second set of eyes and ears, and to ensure that you have all the information you need to understand your health concerns and treatment options. Essentially, they are there to help ensure that you can focus on your care and get exactly the medical treatment you prefer.

Doctors and physicians support healthcare advocacy 

For most physicians, the idea of a healthcare advocate is a positive one, as they not only provide emotional support to patients, but because they can help convey and record important information about medical care and medicines. While this is especially important for very elderly patients as well as those with dementia conditions, they are a good idea for anyone who needs someone to accurately take in a physician’s diagnosis.

What can a healthcare advocate do? 

Your healthcare advocate can:

  • Ask questions about your medical condition and treatment options, and voice your concerns.
  • Compile an accurate medications list, including how to take different medications.
  • Assist with paperwork and insurance matters.
  • Create a timeline for treatment.
  • Help with transportation to appointments.
  • Research medical treatments, procedures, doctors, etc.

Get legal assistance from your NJ elder law attorney 

If you would like legal assistance for yourself or elderly loved one, speak to Frank R. Campisano today. Experienced in elder law, compassionate and committed to his clients, you’ll receive the highest quality legal expertise and guidance that will help you secure better care. In addition, you can also prepare additional estate planning documents, such as your Last Will and Testament, Financial Power of Attorney documents, Medical Directives and Healthcare Proxy documentation. For more compassionate legal guidance and a free consultation, please contact us and visit our website today at https://www.scclegal.com/.

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