Medicaid cover and in-home care in NJ

Qualifying for Medicaid requires careful financial planning and often the assistance of an experienced NJ elder law attorney. Many people unfortunately fall through the gaps in this funding program, where they find themselves unable to qualify for full benefits because they earn too much, but unable to actually afford the level of care they require. The incorporation of in-home care has been introduced to help people who fall into this sector as well as free up essential funding for the program.

From April 2016, every state has one or more programs that provide non-nursing home assistance, including adult day care, assisted living or home care. It’s important to understand how Medicaid benefits work in these situations, however, as states have a lot of flexibility in terms of how funds are allocated.

In New Jersey, a fairly new program allows any income that an individual receives above the eligibility limit ($2,163 a month) to be deposited into an irrevocable trust account held at a bank. Withdrawals from the account can be made to pay for qualified living expenses and care. Additional care costs will be paid by Medicaid, whether the person is in a nursing home or receiving at-home care.

This prevents people having to enter expensive nursing homes before they really require or want them and focusses primarily on more independent elderly and disabled individuals who require respite care and assisted living support services but can still largely cope at home – but it does not cover around-the-clock care.

Navigate your Medicare eligibility successfully with an experienced NJ elder law attorney 

Although these new measures, including the irrevocable trust account, are good in terms of freeing up Medicaid funding to assist more people with a higher quality of care, they do create another layer of legal and administrative complexity. This means that, for the average citizen, the system of applying, becoming eligible and making use of this essential program is even more difficult and daunting.

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