How a healthcare proxy can get better care for your loved one

Getting quality healthcare is vital as we get older. Not only do medical procedures have a greater impact on our quality of life, but more advanced lifesaving measures also carry strong personal implications. Simply leaving these decisions up to medical professionals or family members that are around at the time is not enough – which is why your elder law attorney in New Jersey will recommend that your elderly loved one creates a healthcare proxy.

What is a healthcare proxy?

Also known as a medical directive, this is a legally-binding document that gives a person or persons of your choice the ability to represent you when you are unable to make medical decisions for yourself. This means that your choices are protected in the event that you are unconscious, develop complications with your memory or are simply too unwell to properly dictate your own healthcare. While this document is important for individuals of any age, it is especially important for the elderly, who face a greater likelihood of facing a situation in which they are unable to make these decisions for themselves.

Personal preferences and religious beliefs

Healthcare proxies are a good way to ensure that your personal preferences, religious beliefs and any other individual requirements are followed in various medical circumstances. For example, if your loved one would like to have a “Do Not Resuscitate clause” does not want to be on extended life support or doesn’t want to receive a blood transfusion.

Clarity, care and compassion

By appointing a healthcare proxy, you and your loved one can have peace of mind knowing that, should the worst happen, your medical and care wishes will be carried out as you would prefer. Your loved ones will also be clear as to what these wishes are and will be able to act in your best interests, with compassion rather than conflict. All of this ensures the best quality of care.

Create your healthcare proxy today with the assistance of NJ elder law attorney 

If you would like to create your own healthcare proxy or help your loved one create their own, speak to Frank R. Campisano today. Experienced in elder law, compassionate and committed to his clients, you’ll receive the highest quality legal expertise and guidance. In addition, you can also prepare additional estate planning documents, such as your Last Will and Testament, Power of Attorney documents and trusts. For a free consultation, please contact us today or visit our website at

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