FAQs About Environmental Law In New Jersey

FAQs About Environmental Law In New Jersey

Environmental law is a vast area of law that covers many different legal issues, all of which are related to governing management of natural resources. You may not think that environmental law is a common area of legal practice in the state of New Jersey, but you may be surprised! Here are some frequently asked questions about environmental law in New Jersey. 

What Exactly Is Environmental Law?

Environmental law is concerned with all issues related to the environment, including but not limited to pollution, illegal trash dumping, improper handling and storage of hazardous chemicals, improper disposal of dangerous materials, oil spills, clean air, clean water, and climate change. Business owners and individuals alike, especially those who deal with potentially toxic materials and chemicals, have certain environmental obligations they must carry out, or else face the legal consequences. 

Who Can Bring An Environmental Matter To Court?

Anyone can bring an environmental matter to court if their property or they themselves have been harmed because someone violated an environmental law. For example, if someone owns several acres of land and discovers that people have been illegally dumping garbage on their property, or if someone is injured as a result of improperly stored hazardous chemicals. If a company is violating environmental laws, a citizen can file a suit against the company. 

What Are Punishments One Can Receive For Violating Environmental Law?

Each case is unique and punishments differ according to circumstances and severity. If a person or an organization is found guilty, they could potentially be given fines, probation, or a prison sentence. Sometimes the guilty party is given a combination of these punishments, depending on the judge’s ruling.

Should You Hire An Environmental Law Attorney?

If you’re aware that a person or a business is violating existing environmental laws, speak with an environmental law attorney in NJ and discuss your options. Environmental laws exist to protect our surroundings and to keep us safe, so any violations deserve to be taken extremely seriously. 

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