Estate planning – Do I really need to Bother?

There’s a common misconception that estate planning is only for wealthy people, but each and every person that wants to leave the greatest amount of wealth possible to their children or loved ones should consider an estate plan and consider it now, not when you are at death’s door. An estate plan can be complicated but with careful and advanced planning with a good estate planning attorney you can insure that your heirs receive as much of your wealth as possible and in the manner that you want.

How Soon Should I Begin My Estate Planning?

Planning for your death isn’t always the easiest thing to do, But the fact is it is never too early to put your plan in place, particularly if you have young children or other dependents that would need care in the event of your untimely demise. The goal of an estate plan is simple enough: it is to ensure that your assets are passed on to who you want, when you want it and the way you want after you die.  Your finances are very important and without careful estate planning years in advance, you may find yourself handing much more over to the government than is necessary. A good estate plan can solve both common and uncommon problems in the transfer of assets and in the planning for your care in your old age.

  • How to qualify for Medicaid financial help with assisted living or in-home care.
  • How to minimize State and Federal Estate and Inheritance Taxes?
  • What is a trust and how can it help me protect my assets from taxes?
  • How are things like stock and real estate passed to heirs?
  • How can I help prevent disputes between my heirs?
  • How can I prevent my estate from getting stuck in probate court?
  • Can I continue to support a Charity after my death?
  • How do I pass ownership of my business after my death?
  • Much much more.

There is no question that the larger and more complex your assets, the more you need an estate plan.

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