Estate planning is easier when you’re not dead

Dealing with the division of your estate and property can be emotionally draining for your loved ones when you pass away. If you haven’t carried out proper estate planning by this stage, your heirs can be faced with quite a daunting and unpleasant task. They may have to deal with unfair division of your property, excessive inheritance tax and a probate process which will have them tearing their hair out.

New Jersey estate planning attorneys are always advising clients to get their estate in order well in advance. Yes, you might have many happy and healthy years ahead of you, but wouldn’t you like to have the peace of mind that your descendants will receive their inheritance without a glitch and minimal estate taxes will be imposed? Having your financial matters in order is a major component that’s often overlooked when it comes to aging gracefully.

With the help of a professional NJ estate planning attorney you can ensure all your loose ends are tied up and that all your assets and property can be properly divided. With an estate plan in place the following details will be resolved for your beneficiaries:

  • The state of your finances at the time of death.
  • Information on all property you own.
  • Appointment of guardians for children who are minors.
  • What tax amounts you can expect to pay when transferring property to beneficiaries.

Estate planning services offered by NJ estate planning attorneys:

  • Identification of beneficiaries you wish to include.
  • Management of all legal proceedings with regards to the transfer of property to your beneficiaries. We will ensure your estate is divided according to your strict instructions.
  • Keep estate taxes to an absolute minimum.
  • Ensure any life prolonging medical care instructions that you have given are presented to the relevant medical parties and family members.

These are just a few of the ways in which we can help you to get your affairs in order while you are still able to.

Estate planning at SCC Legal

While it is not a fun prospect to think about your death and how your possessions will be dealt with, you still need to face the reality of death in your future. If you want to ensure that your heirs and loved ones have a simple process to go through, then hiring a compassionate and dedicated NJ estate planning attorney is the best course of action. Frank Campisano of SCC Legal provides an empathetic and professional estate planning process. With the help of him and his team you can expect for your loved ones to be able to gain access to their inheritance with relative ease.

There is simply nothing that you can do after death and we strongly advise all clients to take the time to make these decisions before it’s too late. Be in touch with us at SCC Legal for more assistance with your New Jersey estate planning.

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