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Losing a parent is understandably one of the most difficult things a person can go through. Not only is the loss emotionally painful and draining, but there are often issues regarding the probate of their Will and Testament and estate plan immediately afterward. Did mom even create an official Will? Was she of sound mind when the Will was created? Was she very elderly and subject to the influence of other family members? Was the family business included within the estate plan? Is the estate administrator or executor designated to distribute the assets problematic? Where is the legal residence? 

Unfortunately, with a lot of money at stake and other valuable assets, surviving family members can sometimes resort to behavior that is out of ordinary, out of character, or downright dishonest. This in turn could lead to conflict, whose resolution must be sought within the court system as inheritors seek to protect their rights.

If this situation sounds like your own, you’re going to need an experienced estate litigation team to represent you in the state of New Jersey. The attorneys at Sedita, Campisano and Campisano specialize in estate litigation, estate planning, Last Wills and Testaments, all areas of elder law and probate litigation. Furthermore, the attorney’s at SCC Legal are not just behind-the-scenes negotiators. While no one wants a protracted legal battle, rest assured that if necessary we will represent your interests diligently in court to ensure the best possible outcome for your claims.

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Typical Estate Litigation Services provided by SCC Legal: 

  • Advice and counsel on estate litigation and estate trust matters.
  • Litigation or challenges to interpretation of Last Will and Testament, estate plan and trust funds. 
  • Court representation in contesting the Will as well as more complex estate litigation cases.
  • Evaluation and litigation of claims by estate and  trust beneficiaries.
  • Special expertise in the disposition of real estate in inheritance disputes.
  • Advice and counsel on challenging monetary gifts, joint accounts, joint properties and appointed executors, administrators and trustees. 
  • Recovery of costs and counsel fees from the estate and trust funds.
  • Able to act as an impartial estate executor for complex estates or probate processes.
  • Special expertise in succession planning for disposition of business assets. Creation of contracts and legal assets that allow business ownership to be transferred or shared equitably.

It turns out that the experience SCC Legal has in New Jersey business law, contract law, and real estate matters, enhances our elder law and estate planning activities in ways that firms with only elder law experience cannot match.

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You Can Avoid Estate Litigation Altogether by Creating a Solid Estate Plan in NJ

Estate litigation cases can destroy relationships between your surviving family members and rack up substantial legal fees. The best way to avoid this situation altogether is to ensure your loved ones work with a reputable estate planning attorney long before they are expected to pass. Creating a well crafted and detailed estate plan will eliminate any confusion regarding healthcare and financial directives, asset distribution and beneficiary designations – laying out their final wishes as accurately as possible.   

If it’s too late in your situation to create an estate plan or Will and Testament, there’s no need to worry. An experienced estate litigation lawyer at SCC Legal will be able to digest all the details of your case and give you the best course of action to resolve the major estate issues at hand. 

Frank Campisano and Joseph Campisano are estate litigation attorneys at SCC  Legal in New Jersey, who can guide and support you through this emotional process. When your parent’s assets are contested among surviving family members, Frank and Joseph can ensure you understand your rights, and insure your parent’s estate assets are distributed in the exact way they intended.  

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