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Medicaid planningMedicaid is a government health program that is available for certain individuals and families in the United States who are low income. If you qualify for Medicaid, you can potentially receive no cost insurance coverage for basic health care costs such as visits to the doctor, hospital stays, and more.

The problem is this: The application for Medicaid is enormously complex and processed by an agency looking for any inconsistency as grounds to reject you. 

Frank Campisano and the team at SCC Legal, are dedicated to helping those who qualify successfully navigate the Medicaid application nightmare. 

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A successful application for Medicaid long term care insurance will provide you low cost access to health care in many areas including:

  • Nursing home care
  • Home health care
  • Costs accumulated by patients under 21 in the Child/Teen Health Program
  • Psychiatric health care for those under 21 or over 65
  • Inpatient and outpatient hospital services
  • Dental and preventative health care
  • Emergency ambulance transportation costs
  • Health clinic services

Medicaid in New Jersey is administered by the state Medicaid office and funded by state and federal governments.

Who Can Qualify For Medicaid?

Medicaid Application

Medicaid is a program typically available to individuals and families with low incomes and people with certain disabilities who cannot afford medical care. To qualify, recipients must have high medical bills, receive Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or meet other certain financial requirements. To qualify for the program, individuals must submit to an extensive review of their financial and medical history, and provide years of supporting documentation. You may apply yourself, or you can designate another person such as a family member or an attorney, to apply for you.

A Medicaid application in New Jersey requires a lot of time and paperwork, mistakes made in the submittal process will delay the review process which can take months.

Should An Attorney Help Me Prepare My Medicaid Application?

At SCC Legal, we routinely file and process Medicaid Applications on behalf of our clients. For most people, it is a daunting task to correctly understand and prepare five (5) years of financial asset records to meet the financial eligibility requirements of the application correctly. Then your application is submitted to an overwhelmed and adverse government agency where more often than not, it falls into a black hole.

Attorney Frank Campisano brings over 20 years experience to problems of Medicaid eligibility. Frank and his team understand what the government is looking for and all the “gotcha’s” in the application process, making it much more likely you will be approved, and approved the first time.  More importantly, we have the expertise to recognize exempt and non-exempt assets that can save families tens of thousands of dollars of assets. We present our applications to the appropriate New Jersey Medicaid agencies in organized, bound volumes that assist the local agencies to make appropriate eligibility determinations.

Frank Campisano will personally represent you through the application process and all face-to-face meetings with Medicaid caseworkers or other supervisory officials. Hiring an attorney to manage the application process gives you the added peace of mind of knowing we can represent you through any and all necessary appeals, should the government treat you unfairly.

An added bonus for those attempting to “spend down” their assets in order to qualify for Medicaid, NJ Medicaid rules allow individuals to deduct legal fees for paperwork preparation from their excess assets! Basically, this is the government acknowledging the complexity of the review process and suggesting that hiring a lawyer to navigate the process is a practice that helps both you, and them.

Applying for NJ Medicaid

To get started with your application, a quick consultation with an attorney is advisable. There is no cost to call the team at SCC Legal for an initial discussion of the process.

Call Frank Campisano today to understand options and costs associated with preparing your Medicaid application right, the first time.


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