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At SCC Legal, caring for the elderly and their families is a sacred trust, and one which we take very seriously.

Every family is unique. And every family has their own goals, aspirations, and challenges related to growing older. For an elder lawyer, it is vitally important to take the time to learn about and respect the singular wants, desires and needs of every party involved. To listen above all things.

Frank Campisano has been an attorney at Law for over 30 years and has both the compassion and the street smarts to be the counselor, advisor, and friend you need when dealing with elder care issues.

Frank helps clients all over northern New Jersey but especially in Essex CountyMorris County, and Passaic County

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Choosing an Elder Care Attorney

If there is one thing many years of experience have taught us about being a great Elder Law Firm, its that the process cannot be rushed. Concerns about elder law, aren’t limited to the elderly. Children of aging parents too often ignore the legal and financial issues surrounding inheritance and health care issues until it is too late. We understand that many would rather not consider issues of mortality and asset protection until they are forced to. Sadly many of those families will forfeit much of the wealth and security that someone worked their whole lives to create and pass to their heirs. Without proper planning, and robust legal documentation, many estates will fall into disarray, and dispute, potentially leaving scars that can last a lifetime.

What Does an Elder Lawyer Do?

At SCC Legal, we’ve seen more than our share of estate litigation cases gone wrong. If there is no comprehensive estate plan or Will and Testament in place, children or other family members may engage in dishonest or combative behavior if they feel they are being cheated out of their inheritance. These situations oftentimes get ugly and end with family ties being severed and substantial court costs. 

The best way to ensure something like this doesn’t happen to your family is to work with a reputable estate planning attorney like the team at SCC Legal in Fairfield, NJ. With many years of experience in estate planning, we can assist you in developing a plan that addresses all your needs, ensuring your hard work and assets go to the people who truly deserve them.

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