Commercial Real Estate Attorney

Buying and selling commercial real estate is complex with significant financial consequences. Our attorneys protect clients through a combination of experience and due diligence. Our firm thoroughly investigates the property before a purchase. We have extensive experience working with real-estate agents and other industry experts. In conjunction with this team of experts, we provide the following services:
For the seller:

  • Drafting contracts to limit future liabilities

For the buyer:

  • Limiting contingencies to reduce failed contracts
  • Researching permits and land use ordinances
  • Assessing the property for potential environmental hazards
  • Researching financing and commercial feasibility of the project
  • Confirming that land use and zoning ordinances meet with future construction plans
  • Obtaining preliminary reports prepared by a soils or geotechnical engineer in preparation for future construction projects
  • Examining the type of deed the seller is offering
  • Determining if there are liens or items of dispute related to the transaction

Commercial Real Estate Redevelopment

When a business is interested in a property, we represent the business in acquiring the property and managing the contractual negotiations with developers. In the city of Bayonne, we helped the redevelopment authority acquire a large tract of land from the U.S. government’s former military base.

We also worked with a commercial developer to construct a marina, condominiums, and parks on that plot of land. Throughout the process, we made sure that the environmental rules related to the waterfront property were a basic part of the planning and development process. We provided insight into the related land use and zoning ordinances. This is how we supported the redevelopment authority through this large construction project.

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