General Corporate Counsel

This office has acted as General Corporate Counsel to a number of clients ranging from large, multi-million dollar corporations, to medium-sized businesses, as well as small firms and enterprises. These services include (1) ensuring that clients are operating within the law at all times; (2) assisting clients in conducting their business so as to maximize profits; (3) limiting the exposure of clients against unintended liabilities; and (4) helping clients to operate efficiently and with confidence in the knowledge that their rights are being protected.

Examples of specific areas of the firm’s expertise include commercial transactions, general business structure issues, real estate/lease transactions, employment and labor relation issues, litigation and arbitration support, drafting and reviewing of a wide range of business-related contracts, as well as dealing with Federal, State and Local Governments.

This wide range of expertise enables the firm to offer “one-stop shopping” for its clients and their business needs.

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