Advance directives in New Jersey

What will become of you if you end up too ill or injured to communicate your wishes when it comes to prolonged life medical care if you don’t have advance directive measures in place? How will your family cope with having to make the difficult decisions on their own?

You can help by ensuring your family and health care providers are aware of your medical care wishes. Advance directive is the best way to ensure your decisions regarding your health care at potential end-of-life are made known to the medical professionals and your family.

What exactly is advance directive?

Advance directives are legal documents which detail and stipulate the type of care you are willing to receive, and the type of care or procedures you refuse. In these documents you will include how you feel about the use of breathing machines and dialysis. Also, it will cover whether you are willing to accept or refuse resuscitation if your heart or breathing stops. Tube feeding and organ donating are also areas that are covered.

What is the role of your attorney?

When it comes to drawing up legal and professional advance directives in New Jersey, Frank Campisano and his legal team is just the place to turn to. He will ensure your documents are drawn up and that the correct individuals are advised should anything happen to you and you are unable to communicate your own wishes. With his empathetic and compassionate approach you can expect for the otherwise stressful ordeal to be handled for your loved ones.

Part of the process is the appointment of a medical power of attorney, who is the individual responsible for making decisions in the event of you not being able to make them yourself. This particular person will need to see that the wishes of your advance directive are carried out to the letter. You can appoint a spouse, family member, child or even an attorney to be your medical power of attorney.

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