5 Mistakes to Avoid When Creating and Managing a Trust

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A trust can be a highly functional and useful estate planning tool, helping you provide for dependents more effectively, avoid probate and even reduce taxation on your estate. However, according to your estate planning attorney in New Jersey, a trust is only effective when it is set up and managed properly – and this means avoiding these common mistakes.

  1. Not funding your trust: In order to deliver the above benefits, you have to fund the trust by moving assets into it. Without assets, there will be nothing to deliver to the beneficiaries. All assets outside the trust will be subject to standard legal, probate and taxation procedures.
  2. Not having clear instructions: Trusts are fairly complex legal structures and clear instructions are necessary to ensure that it functions in line with your wishes. You need to create instructions around the function of the trust, who you would like to benefit from the trust, how you would like your assets to be divided, and so forth.
  3. Setting up the wrong type of trust: There are quite a few different types of trusts available when you’re creating your estate plan, and each type suits a different goal. For example, one type of trust has different tax implications to another, some can be changed while others cannot be modified at all, and some are better for providing funds to special needs children than others. It’s vital that you work with your estate planning attorney to evaluate different trust options and commit to one that will actually achieve your goals.
  4. Choosing the wrong trustee: Choosing a trustee is an incredibly important choice that deserves serious thought, as appointing the wrong person into this position could destroy your trust. Not only could this lead to abuse of your trust and legal problems, it could destroy relationships as well.
  5. Failing to update your trust: Like any estate planning document, your trust shouldn’t be ignored for your lifetime after you’ve set it up. As your circumstances change and evolve, your trust should be reviewed and adjusted to ensure that it still aligns with your wishes. Significant life events like marriage, divorce, and children are all going times to review your trust, Last Will and Testament and other estate planning documents.

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