4 Important Reasons to Avoid a Do-It-Yourself Will

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DIY is fantastic, and there’s nothing quite as satisfying as building your own skill set while you paint your new home, tile a bathroom or repair your deck. But, there are some things where DIY is not the way to go. This especially applies to legal documents, where years of training and experience are needed to draft ironclad documents that can withstand every challenge thrown at them. Your Last Will and Testament is one of these. Here are four good reasons why you should call your estate planning attorney in New Jersey when you want to draft your Will.

1. Your Situation Is Unique: 

DIY Wills are one-size-fits-all forms. However, if there’s one thing we all know it is that our financial situations, assets, and relationships are completely unique. No two Wills ever look the same. It’s up to the estate planning attorney to create this totally unique document, ensuring that your wishes are met and that the right legal framework is there to ensure they are carried out. We don’t fill out a form – we create a document that is as unique as you are.

2. DIY Wills Have No Quality Control: 

DIY Wills cause massive problems in the legal system because they often contain faults, ambiguities, and spaces for legal conflicts to arise. Often, they are created by persons who have no legal experience or qualifications to do so, which means your wishes are left unclear and can be challenged in court. This is costly for families and can become the root of severe conflict between loved ones, which isn’t anything that anyone wants to leave behind as their legacy.

3. DIY Wills Have Disclaimers: 

Your Last Will and Testament is one of the most important documents you will create in your lifetime. When you look at almost every DIY Will form, you’ll likely see a disclaimer that they are no substitute for sound legal advice. In a document where sound legal advice is key, these forms offer no guarantees that your wishes will be properly represented or carried out. Contrary to this risky course of action, if you use an experienced estate planning attorney to create your Will, you can rest assured that your Will is ironclad.

4. It Won’t Save You Money: 

Having an estate planning attorney draft your Will does carry a cost. After all, you are accessing all their years of skill and expertise in a complex field. But, while a DIY Will may be cheap, it usually won’t save anyone any money. In fact, it can be far more costly for your loved ones. That’s because these Wills are not as legally clear and sound as a professional Will, which means your loved ones may have to challenge decisions made by executors and the court, and this could result in much higher legal costs and delays than if you had a professionally-drafted document.

Get Peace of Mind and Security for Your Loved Ones With an Affordable, Professional Last Will and Testament

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