Business Succession Planning Tips

An estate planning attorney in New Jersey has to be able to offer you the right legal advice to deal with a wide range of matters and deliver a plan that is uniquely suited to your estate. For some people, this means ensuring that there is a succession plan in place for a family business to keep the legacy thriving for many years to come.

Why is Succession Planning Important for Family Businesses? 

A death in a family is always a difficult time, but when a business and the livelihood of family members are also at stake, it can become overwhelming. Having a succession plan in place that is well-thought out, customized to your business and family needs, and understood by everyone involved is the best way of ensuring a smooth transition. It will reduce confusion and conflict as well as help your business stay on its feet through a difficult time.

Ownership, Management and Taxes 

These are the three foundations of your succession plan. In terms of management and ownership, the two are not necessarily the same. For some people, they want to pass sole ownership to the person who will manage the business, while others want each child to have an equal share of the ownership while only one manages the business. It’s up to you to tailor this part of the succession plan, as you can dictate exactly how the business ownership and management will be split. The level of input from other family members and so on is also up to you.

The taxes component focuses on minimizing taxation upon death, and there are different asset transfer and share strategies that can help achieve this. Some people also choose to change the structure of their business from a sole proprietorship or partnership to a corporation to make sure that operations continue as normal through the succession period.

Keep Your Legacy Alive – Business Succession Strategies from Your Estate Planning Attorney in NJ 

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Tips to Help Avoid Medicare Scams

Medicaid Application

Seniors are especially vulnerable to scam artists and there are many fraudsters who operate under the guise of Medicare as a result. Here are some tips from your elder law attorney in New Jersey to help identify scams and keep seniors safe.

  • New cards: One of the most common Medicare scams is an identity theft scam that involves fake employees contacting seniors by phone, email or in person and informing them that Medicare is issuing new cards. Seniors then hand over details including Medicare numbers, birth dates and even financial account numbers to get their new card. To avoid this scam, remember that Medicare employees won’t contact you through unsolicited calls, emails or visits, and that they will never ask for identifying information unless you have contacted them directly.
  • Free offers: These scams start off with an unsolicited phone call or email offering a free medical check-up or free medical supplies and may even know details of your medical condition. They will invite the person to another location where they will ask for personal identification information and even credit card information that will be used to commit fraud. The best course of action is to ignore offers that seem too good to be true, never give out personal identification or credit card information, and stick with healthcare providers you know and trust.
  • Refund scams: Here, a scammer will claim that you are entitled to a refund due to changes in Medicare costs, changes in private insurance, or even as a result of a lawsuit. They will then ask for personal identifying information and back account details to use for fraudulent purposes. It’s best to remember that if you are entitled to any genuine refunds, these will come into your bank account automatically and you will never have to give your personal and financial information to another representative as Medicare will already have you on file.

The most important thing to remember is that if you are unsure if someone is a genuine Medicare representative or not, contact Medicare directly at 877-486-2048 and confirm their identity first. Making these checks will never get you in trouble with Medicare, and they are happy for you to take the extra steps to prevent falling victim to fraud.

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