Where is the safest place to keep your Last Will and Testament?

Making a Last Will and Testament is a significant step in our lives where we take charge of our assets and decide who they will pass on to when we die. As such, it’s an important legal document and needs to be kept safe – and yet easily accessed when it is needed. Here are some ideas for storing your Will from a leading estate planning attorney in New Jersey.

  1. With your executor: Your executor is someone who will oversee the execution of your Will – that is, they will make sure that your stated wishes are carried out. They are someone you trust and usually do not benefit from the Will itself. Sealed in an envelope with instructions that it is only to be opened after your death, your executor can keep it in their home safe or bank deposit box.
  2. In your home: While this seems like a sensible option, it does present certain challenges. It needs to be kept private, safe from theft, fire or flood, and access needs to be provided to your executor. It’s best to use a fire and waterproof safe attached to the structure of your home, and give the necessary information and access (code or key) to your executor.
  3. Safe deposit box: Again, a seemingly sensible idea but with some very strong drawbacks. This is because many banks will require a court order to open the safe deposit box even if your executor knows where it is and has authorized access to it. This may take a very long time and incur significant additional legal fees.
  4. Digital storage: This is a preferred choice for many people as it relieves them of the worry of safely storing a physical copy. Many courts, however, will not accept a digital or printed copy from the digital archives or vault, but will require the original.
  5. Your legal firm/lawyer: For a nominal fee, your estate planning attorney will store your Will in a secure location. This allows it to stay safe and removes the responsibility from your home or bank. It also allows you to update and change your Will or other estate planning documents more easily. Just be sure to inform your executor of where your Will is, and to move your Will with you if you change attorneys.

Create, store and update your Last Will and Testament the easy way in NJ 

Frank R. Campisano is an experienced estate planning attorney with a long history of service and loyalty to his New Jersey clients. In addition to assisting you with creating, storing or updating your Last Will and Testament, he can assist you with developing trusts, healthcare proxies, Power of Attorney documentation and much more.

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Medicaid application denied? Here’s what to do

Applying for Medicaid is a complex process that can result in legitimate applications being denied for different technical issues. Fortunately, this is not the end of the road and you do have avenues through which you can act and rectify the situation. However, these are time-sensitive, so it’s important to act quickly. Here’s some useful Medicaid information from a leading elder law attorney New Jersey.

The Medicaid appeal process 

Firstly, you need to receive a notification from your county’s Board of Social Services. If your application has been denied, then there will be a clearly marked “X” next to “Denied” that will be followed by a more specific explanation for the denial.

You should also receive further instructions for reapplying for Medicaid with attached details for identifying what information you need to submit. Common reasons for a denial that can be rectified in the reapplication process include missing documentation, lost documents, incomplete applications and filing too early or too late.

It is important to note that in order to appeal, you have just 20 days from receiving the letter to ask for a hearing with the Office of Administrative Law. They will pass your case on to an administrative law judge who will then review the case and make a final decision. If it is denied again, there are still other legal channels you can use, but it does become a more complex and more challenging situation.

Expert Medicaid planning, application and appeal assistance in NJ 

Frank R. Campisano is highly experienced and compassionate elder law attorney with considerable knowledge of Medicaid issues. In addition to planning ahead financially for Medicaid eligibility, he is also able to assist with applications, appeals and other Medicaid issues.

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